On Tuesday, November 1, The Kansas City, Missouri branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) voted unanimously for the retention of the current board configuration of the Kansas City, Missouri School District.  The organization represents a membership of 1,000-plus members.

      Following a lively discussion on the probability of the elected board to be dismantled during its unaccredited status, the organization felt it should defend parents, community, and stakeholders from disenfranchisement of their voices and ability to advocate during decision-making processes by the board.

      Additionally, an elected board allows its citizens to retain public ownership of the educational system and further result in accountability of elected officials to their constituents.The democratic process for officials elected by one vote one person empowers the community to demand and take its rightful place in the education of children.

Contact:  Rosa James  (816) 923-2983

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