On Wednesday, November 9, an informational forum will be hosted by the Parents’ District Advisory Council and the American Federation of Teachers. Parents, staff, community patrons and stakeholders will come together as a team to save our children’s right to receive a good education. The forum is scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Paseo Academy of the Arts, 4747 Flora, Kansas City, MO.

 The purpose of the forum is to address the existing unaccredited status of Kansas City Public Schools as it relates to student achievement and the roles and accountability of all concerned. The plan to be presented is better known as “Our Voice” and consists of three (3) steps to generate accountability through local control by parents, teachers, and the community electorate.

 A brief history of this dilemma includes how the Kansas City community deserted the KCMSD in 1969 when it refused to pass the School Levy tax increase. In 1985, a federal judge injected federal dollars into the system which at that time was his only alternative. A Desegregation Monitoring Team and integration followed in pursuit of so-called student achievement. In 1986, the community refused to pass a School Levy during three (3) elections, February 4, August 6, and November 4.

 Now, we stand at the crossroads to recoup our children from years of outside forces preventing teaching staffs to help children learn without being guinea pigs of the testing syndrome. We further are willing to protect our accountability to an elected school board and first-class Kansas City Public Schools that remain economically sound as this administration has a proven track record of a balanced budget and a plan to move forward with an agenda for its children.

Contacts: Andrea Flinders, (816) 756-1818, Fred Hudgins, (816) 337-2490

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