Amber balls: technology and application

When amber jewelry is made by hand, it always looks original and has a rather attractive appearance. However, there is also another type of amber. It is intended for the manufacture of products by individual order, for example, necklaces. For this, an amber ball obtained after processing a whole amber stone is taken. Jewelry from company made from such balls always has an impeccable shape, each ball has the same size, but differs in its individuality.

Collectors who collect natural stones can be given a very original gift by packing the balls in a spectacular jewelry box. Amber stones with inclusions are the most valued. Collectors and the largest museums of the world dream about these unique nuggets, in which the remains of ancient insects and flowers have frozen. Such a chic decoration of the office will delight any guest.

Lovers of classic beads and bracelets can be pleased with the opportunity to place an order for such jewelry. According to the client's requests, amber balls of the desired size and color will be produced. Our craftsmen will drill the balls and assemble the decoration. Balls are made in different sizes, starting from 6 mm and ending with 25 mm. Such an amber necklace is made of different shades, it all depends on your preferences. The jewelry will be a unique gift to your beloved woman.

Application and technology of making amber balls

For people who have a great imagination and feel aesthetic beauty, these balls will help decorate the interior. Gemstones will make the most ordinary things more beautiful, chandeliers and lamps will look new. Balls can be hidden behind glass or installed in the living room. Amber, from which the sun's rays emanate, will create comfort and coziness in the house. Balls bring harmony of relationships to the house, its overflows in the sun's rays make people peaceful and calm.

Before buying amber balls, be sure to check the authenticity of the product. Today, fakes have become very widespread. Amber can be easily faked, as it is very difficult to determine the naturalness of the stone. Therefore, amber is often sold at an unheard of low price. These products were probably manufactured in a factory using the pressing method, skillfully painted and sold as natural stones.

When the balls are made of real gem, they are valued very highly. The thing is that when they are made, a lot of raw materials are consumed. The production technology of amber balls is as follows: first, cubes are cut from a large stone, from which certain spheres are formed using manual labor, by turning. During such an operation, almost 50% of the stone goes into chips. Therefore, the more waste, the higher the cost per gram after processing.

Our online store "Yantar Polissia" offers for sale products that have passed the quality examination. The balls offered by us were polished from natural amber stones and have a wide variety of shades.

For the manufacture of jewelry, we use natural Ukrainian amber, which has a unique color range. There are about 200 shades in total. Individual balls of a specific size or jewelry made of them are made to order.